You want to beautify your blog with eye-catching graphics and stunning photos. You want to land your dream job, impress your boss, and wow your clients. You want to turn your passions into a meaningful business and build a recognizable brand. You want to express yourself through visual design with style, authenticity, and confidence. Intelligent, butt-kicking babe that you are, you want to do it on your own.

There’s just one BIG thing… Now you need the technical design skills to bring it to life.

In our digital world, having working knowledge of Photoshop is no longer an asset. It’s a requirement. But we know that it’s easier said than done.

This is precisely why Digital Darlings exists — to teach busy, professional, passionate women like you how to use Photoshop to confidently and efficiently execute your aesthetic visions. Tech whiz status not required. With Digital Darlings you’ll get the tools you need to advance and enhance your career or creative pursuits, all while making connections and networking with likeminded ladies.



 Hey lovelies! I'm Bria - let's get to know each other better! This is one of my fave photos of myself, caught in pure, uncensored joy during 2 weeks of adventuring and masterminding with my biz besties in Hawaii. (I feel most myself with wild, salt-and-sand-filled hair!) _ On the business side, I'm an Intuitive Brand Strategist for creative entrepreneurs. I help them position their businesses & clearly communicate the unique value they bring to the table so they become more magnetic to the right people and build a brand that is 100% authentic to who they are and how they'll be most fulfilled. I feel so fortunate for the freedom I've created in my life through my many business ventures (3 to date!) and love helping other women do the same. _ On the personal side (okay, scratch that, its all connected!) I flip flop between INFJ & ENFJ, never met a  I didn't like, and am pretty sure I was a ‍♀️ surfing beach bum in past life. When I'm not seeing into the soul of a brand and coaxing it into the real tangible world, you could likely find me in all kinds of interesting poses on my yoga mat  , or whipping up a feast in the kitchen 🥘 . Man I love my food. If you're lucky, you might even catch me mid-moves as I jam out to Selena Gomez's Hands to Myself in the living room. (Hairbrush mic  style). _ Now it's your turn! What do you do (or aspire to do), what are your fave off-duty activities? What makes you YOU? What's your story? I really want to know, so comment below!
 When you don’t have a plan / formula / strategy for creating content that gets your brand noticed and connects to the right audience, it can feel like you’re lost in a stormy sea, at the mercy of the wind and waves (Thanks for nothing algorithms!). _ What do I SAY? HOW do I say it? Why is noone listening? Why do I keep attracting tire-kickers and weirdos?! (Sound familiar? Post a in the comments and keeep on reading!) _ I’m throwing you a lifeboat, darling. Starting Monday March 27th, I’m sharing the 5 “genres” of content you NEED to be posting to build a magnetic brand and position your biz as the go-to in your industry, in The Magnetic Marketing 5 Day Challenge. _ I’ll cover the what, why, and how for each different post-type, so you by the end of our time together you’ll have implemented a SIMPLE (but super effective) marketing strategy you can count on to save you mega time and stress! _ Your sanity and time are precious commodities. You can’t afford NOT to join us. (No seriously, its FREE!) ✔️Get the deets & register for the challenge here: (link in profile)
 Gonna dream of salt-haired days and tropical rays tonight ☀️ Been looking back on my #Mexico snaps from early January and getting excited for my upcoming trip to Bali!!! #traveldreams
 Wouldn't it be nice if marketing your business was a clearly lit path? _ There are SO many #marketingtools, strategies, and different directions you *could* take, that it might feel like you're playing a complicated guessing game, spinning your wheels or just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. _ If this rings true, you're not alone! I used to feel like that! I'd spend ages crafting my posts, never knew what to say and when to say it, and sometimes (okay often) just didn't show up at all until I felt desperate. Yuck. I wanted something SIMPLE. Streamlined. Something that would really connect with my audience and help attract the RIGHT people for my brand. _ So I made my own system. I tested things, took what working, figured out why, and repeated it over and over. And it got me clients & opportunities I loved. It positioned me as an expert. It grew my brand. It made my business MAGNETIC. And it was a hell of a lot easier than all the crap I'd been trying before! _ And now I want to share it with you, FOR FREE. (Cause guys, this stuff is not rocket science and there's no point in you wasting time like I did.) _ So I'm inviting you to join me for the "MAGNETIC MARKETING 5 DAY CHALLENGE" (link in bio) Put your hand up 🤚in the comments if you're in!
 Sometimes I have a ⚡️ idea that wakes me up in the middle of the night. I know it's my #intuition and that I'm on the right path when I tell people about it, they go "hmmm I dunno about that" and with a cheeky, laughing "oh you'll see!" I go and do it anyways. #followyourgut _ Drop a ⚡️ in the comments if this resonates!
 In the comments, finish the sentence: "Fulfillment is..." (For me, fulfillment is owning and sharing my unique value, and helping others do the same.) _ Your turn! What is fulfillment to you? (That thing that brings meaning, flow, and freedom to your life) Leave a comment so we can celebrate each other!