You want to beautify your blog with eye-catching graphics and stunning photos. You want to land your dream job, impress your boss, and wow your clients. You want to turn your passions into a meaningful business and build a recognizable brand. You want to express yourself through visual design with style, authenticity, and confidence. Intelligent, butt-kicking babe that you are, you want to do it on your own.

There’s just one BIG thing… Now you need the technical design skills to bring it to life.

In our digital world, having working knowledge of Photoshop is no longer an asset. It’s a requirement. But we know that it’s easier said than done.

This is precisely why Digital Darlings exists — to teach busy, professional, passionate women like you how to use Photoshop to confidently and efficiently execute your aesthetic visions. Tech whiz status not required. With Digital Darlings you’ll get the tools you need to advance and enhance your career or creative pursuits, all while making connections and networking with likeminded ladies.



 Whoooop it's friday, I've got a homemade vegan eggnog latte, and get to dress up for the boy's work holiday party tonight (if you work from home, you know what a big deal this is haha). It's the little things, darling. . . >>> What are you celebrating today?? Tell me in the comments!
 If you suffer from "spinning brain" especially before bed, my favourite remedy is reading a fiction book. The book MUST be unrelated to the usual sources of your anxiety (this is why I avoid any and all "self help", non-fiction, and business-related tomes). . . . My book of choice is usually something SUPER romcom (a la @sophiekinsellawriter or @emilygiffinauthor) because they're not so intense that I get too excited to sleep, and put me into a yummy soft state so that I often fall asleep after a page with the book still in my hand! . . . ✨On another note - what books are you LOVING right now? I need some recommendations! ✨ (: @sorrythankyou79)
 Today's vibes (okay, fine, I've been wearing this outfit ALL WEEK). Also, arm curls with loaded @coach handbags counts as a workout right? (Just kidding, I've been kicking ass at yoga every day this week. Just don't tell the yogis I said that...) #gorogue . But for reals, feeling GOOD this week. Feeling strong, vibrant, grounded, and (I can't believe I'm actually saying this) LOVING the colder weather. Because, sunshine ☀️ . Namaste darlings, namaste  . . . . . #coachfall2016 #sponsored #wellnesswednesday #mindsetshift #ootd
 YOU'RE A GEM. Your experience, your personality, your point of view, your approach - it's these elements that give YOU a UNIQUE VALUE that no one else has. . . . You might feel like you're trying to make it in a saturated industry. And the truth would be that you are. But that's not the end of the story. When you really hone in on the way you do what you do differently than anyone else (and you ARE different, by nature), and communicate that with all your might, you stand out. . . . When we get caught up in the comparison game, wondering what's the point, take a step back. Why do you follow/buy from / work with the people & brands you do? Because you feel connection and hear their message more clearly than anyone else. It's that simple. That message / product might essentially be the same as everyone else in their market, but it stands out to YOU because of WHO THEY ARE. Their personality, their quirks, their values, their big vision for the world, their approach or method. You're a GEM. What facets of YOU can you share with the world? . . ✖️Tag your a fellow #bossbabe and tell her ONE thing that stands out about her!! Let's spread some love today.
 A girl and her gang: for the longest time I had a separate notebook for everything - god forbid my ideas, to dos, gratitude lists, learnings and client notes ever fraternized on the same pages. The horror! ✖️But now, thanks to my #bulletjournal, I'm singing a different tune. All of those words and thoughts can finally make sense and play nice TOGETHER! Now I have just 2 notebooks: one for everything short form (the bullet journal) and one for deeper thoughts and experiences that need more long form exploration. ✖️And they both fit happily among the other items I like to have with me wherever I go, tucked - safe from spills - inside individual sections of this @coach leather carryall. Which is much more than I can say for the other bag I'd been toting around for the last few years. A place for everything and everything in its place makes me one very happy gal  . . . . . . #coachfall2016 #sponsored #bujo #whatsinmybag #dailyessentials
 This morning light though  Just flipping through some photos of #adobemax2016 and found the requisite hotel bed snap. Anyone else as obsessed with hotel beds as I am?? I had two in my room at the @grandhyattsd so I slept with all 6 pillows . I might be an unofficial hotel bed snob... sheets have gotta be white, super soft, and it MUST have a ridiculously fluffy duvet with a big headboard for watching tv! Who's with me??