You want to beautify your blog with eye-catching graphics and stunning photos. You want to land your dream job, impress your boss, and wow your clients. You want to turn your passions into a meaningful business and build a recognizable brand. You want to express yourself through visual design with style, authenticity, and confidence. Intelligent, butt-kicking babe that you are, you want to do it on your own.

There’s just one BIG thing… Now you need the technical design skills to bring it to life.

In our digital world, having working knowledge of Photoshop is no longer an asset. It’s a requirement. But we know that it’s easier said than done.

This is precisely why Digital Darlings exists — to teach busy, professional, passionate women like you how to use Photoshop to confidently and efficiently execute your aesthetic visions. Tech whiz status not required. With Digital Darlings you’ll get the tools you need to advance and enhance your career or creative pursuits, all while making connections and networking with likeminded ladies.



 As creative entrepreneurs, we've got no shortage of big-picture, world-changing ideas. But that's not the hard part. The hard part is bringing them to LIFE: ✖️Maybe you get stuck in the comparison game, feeling like you can never get ahead of the competition. ✖️Maybe you've got endless creative ideas, but then not strategizing steps to complete the project. ✖Maybe you're totally paralyzed by fear and perfectionism. ✖Or maybe you're taking consistent action, but trying to do too many things at once and not making any real progress. If you're experiencing any or all of these symptoms, you're not alone. Even the most experienced biz babes get held back. The solution? The only F-word that will move your business forward: FOLLOW-THROUGH. ✔️This is why I've teamed up with 6 other amazing entrepreneurs to help you #MakeItHappen. Join us January 28th for The Follow Through Fix: a FREE one-day digital conference [link in bio] designed to help you overcome these challenges and prepare you for your most profitable productive, and powerful year yet!! SIGN UP NOW (it's FREE!): [link in bio]
 NEW POST: giving you an all access pass into my 2016 yearly biz review. _ I'm sharing a super honest look at what worked really well, what DIDN'T (oh boy that was a tough one), and what I'm focusing my energy on in 2017! _ I've got some big plans and big changes for #digitaldarlings this year, and I can't wait to roll them out for you! _ ✖️Want some extra accountability in making YOUR biggest business desires a reality in 2017? (Or want to get really clear on what those are in the first place??) Get FREE access to the exact yearly review questionnaire I use - it's linked at the bottom of the blog post: _  READ IT: [link in bio]
 Hi, I'm Bria! (The gal behind the brand.) Most days you'll find me sans makeup, scribbling away on giant 11x17 pages instead of using my fancy-pants iMac, 'cause the ideas flow better when I put pen to paper, hair gone wild from the good ole #raincouver humidity. I love a good latte (but am trying to avoid dairy), eat tacos at least once a week, and am pretty sure I was a surfing beach bum in a past life. I'm currently attempting to hit the yoga mat 5 days a week. This is week two... let's see how that pans out! 5 years ago (I think!) I quit my fashion design job, dove into entrepreneurship, and have never looked back. The road hasn't always been easy (even though it might sometimes appear that way on instagram), but I've grown immensely and my business has changed right alongside me. I've battled bouts of burnout, depression, candiasis, and anxiety, and you know what? I'm still working it, putting health before hustle, and heart into everything I do. I've always dreamed of big things for #digitaldarlings, and I'm super excited about this new chapter. A big change I'm making this year is focusing a lot LESS on teaching photoshop, and way more on what I most LOVE: training and mentoring creative entrepreneurs to clarify, know, and communicate what makes them and their brands suuuuper valuable to the people they most want to serve. Really leaning into and leveraging the qualities that make them most magnetic. Giving them the freedom to run their business how THEY want, and feel so fulfilled doing it. So that's me in a nutshell. No fuss, taco-loving, open-hearted, sometimes yogi, brand positioning obsessed MOI. Now it's YOUR TURN!! What do you love? What makes you tick? What have you struggled with? Let's get REAL with each other.
 The shopping is done, gifts are mostly wrapped, packages sent across the world, and now my @coach carryall (aka new fave carry on) is neatly stowed beneath the seat in front of me... 'Cause I'm on the plane and ready for holidays baby!! 1st stop: home to Prince George to spend Christmas with the fam Next stop: MEXICO with my love for New Years! Super grateful for this crazy entrepreneur life that allows me to take time off whenever I want, be with the people I care about most, and be the boss of my own life. What/who are you thankful for this year?? Tell me in the comments (and maybe tag someone you love!) . . . . . . #coachfall2016 #gorogue #airportlife #sponsored #digitaldarlingstravel #homefortheholidays
 Wow what a night, this is what I'm telling myself to stay calm! I won't go into details, but here's a thumbs up to keep going when it gets tough. If you're having a tough day/week/month/year, drop a  in the comments so we can all lift each other up #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition . . : Marc Johns via Pinterest
 Whoooop it's friday, I've got a homemade vegan eggnog latte, and get to dress up for the boy's work holiday party tonight (if you work from home, you know what a big deal this is haha). It's the little things, darling. . . >>> What are you celebrating today?? Tell me in the comments!